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Women are always on the way to make themselves more beautiful, especially for charming eyes. While some people always go through the failure of applying false eyelashes or sensitive to the lash glues, now it's not a dream to apply false eyelashes without glue in a much easier way. Our 100% cruelty free 3D mink hair magnetic lash will give you a full, beautiful look in a second-no glue required. By utilizing the ultra-thin micro- magnet, these eyelashes are so weightless and you can hardly feel them when wearing them. In addition, the perfect combination of micro-magnet and 100% real mink hair will add more volume to your natural eyelashes to create dramatic eyes. The magnetic lash wholesale price is very competitive and we have recently launched magnetic lash with liner gift pack which is a good choice to add to the product line. The gift pack includes the magnetic fake eyelash and magnetic liquid eyeliner which is a value priced starter kit for lash beginners. Other than wholesale magnetic lash service, we also custom eyelash box for client's own brand and we have helped a lot of clients create their own lash brand successfully. If you have any interests, please feel free to contact us.

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