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False Eyelash Innovation That Uses a Magnet for Lazy People

We believe that many beautiful women want to have curly eyelashes, although wearing false eyelash can quickly make eyelash thicker and slender, but when it is shedding and displacement, it is awkward, many people get stuck because they can't find the trick.

False eyelashes are always a hot commodity in the beauty world. But the reality is that the false eyelashes have a low reusability, and after a few times, there will be residual glue, or radian deformation, etc. If the cleaning is not complete enough, repeater wear will also affect your eye health. While the magnetic false eyelash uses the principle of magnetic attraction, the false eyelash user will not need to use any glue to use "suction" to fix false eyelashes.

Magnetic false eyelashes normally consist 4 piece with magnet attached to each piece, the shape is not different with the ordinary false eyelashes, in fact, inherent "hidden mystery." Look carefully, there is a magnet in the middle of false eyelashes. Just take two false lashes and put the real eyelashes in the middle with the method as a sandwich. This will not cause the false eyelash to stick to the wrong side. It's also a good fit for lazy people, because zero glue doesn't have to worry about pulling the eyelid, it can also save the steps of removing lashes, including natural, bushy, and other styles, each with two pairs of false eyelashes. Because it's a magnet, there's no need for a boring makeup product! Do not pull hard when picking false eyelash, but gently rub, let two magnets separate, it is ok. Best of all, this false eyelash is very durable and the damage rate is very low! Second, for a woman who is allergic to glue, this kind of eyelash is the best choice.

Magnetic false eyelashes 1

Magnetic false eyelashes 2