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How to Choose High-quality eyelash extensions? These four Elements are Essential!


Check if the eyelash packaging box is tight and whether there is grease or dust on the eyelash extension, each box of fiber wool must be sterilized and sealed before opening. The eyelashes are sterilized at a high temperature of 220 degrees to be used by customers. The sterilization of mink hair is more exquisite, since mink hair itself is from the hair of the animal, so it has to be very sterile, each box of sable hair is from good ferret hair of North America, after the disinfection and stereotypes by cold coiling technology, it can make every shop safe to use!


Light, natural, fit is the key when we choose eyelash, whatever the mink lashes or silk lashes. From head to end, from coarse to fine, the gradual gradient of high quality eyelash is very smooth, each eyelash is soft and slender, arranged neatly, with a clear soft texture.


The improvement of waterproof and heat resistance is always the most vexing problem in the ciliary industry. After putting pressure on a good eyelash, it will immediately resume proper radian, it is not easy to be affected by the heat and pressure. The cold roll technology of mink hair makes it more important to stand out in the market today. High-quality products can create the perfect grafting effect.

Long and short curl

The good own brand eyelashes should be suitable for the overall market. Quality eyelashes have 11 lengths, 9 different kinds of lengths, 4 kinds of curls, so it is more effective to use, various combinations are chosen!

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