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How To Clean Strip False Eyelashes

Most eyelashes can be reused especially the real mink eyelashes which can be used up to 25 times if they're cleaned and cared for properly. Cleaning the false eyelashes take a little time but it is worth to save your favorite false lashes. Here are some simple step for your reference.

(1) Clean your hand before removing it from your eyes and then pull the lashes away from your eyelid from inner corner to outer corner gently.

(2) Grasp the dried glue on the back side of the lash band with the tweezers, then pull gently to remove it. With the good lash glue, you can remove the entire strip of glue at once. So it’s very important to use the good quality lash glue for the lashes and it will be also safe for your eyes.

(3) Soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol or oil free makeup remover and use it to wipe from the band down to the tips of the eyelashes several times to fully remove any product. Finally put the false eye lashes in a clean container or put them in the original lash box to keep them from dust or anything else.

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