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How to Distinguish the Quality of Eyelash Extensions?

Because of the rise of eyelash extension market in recent years, many artificial eyelash factories have been born at home and abroad.

Whether it is the internal beauty about artificial eyelashes curl or before mentioned in the article the thickness and length of the artificial eyelashes, different factories have different specifications, and each factory (brand) has different requirements for artificial eyelashes.

Therefore, it is always difficult to judge the quality of artificial eyelashes when the ciliary is getting the eyelashes of different brands.

So, what kind of artificial eyelashes do you need? At the same time, customers also need it?

As a customer, it is not possible to recognize the quality of artificial eyelash. Even if the eyelash is problematic, it is only because of the subjective discomfort or allergy. There are many reasons for skin allergies, red eyes, or discomfort, including the quality of artificial eyelashes, glue, grafting techniques, and rules of operation.

The criteria to distinguish the quality of artificial lashes (subjective judgment) :

1. Whether the volume is stable or not
The curl is unstable and the quality is poor
The curl is stable and good quality

2. Whether the length of eyelash is neat or not
Eyelash length is messy, quality is poor
Eyelash length is neat, quality is good

3. Do you feel good with your eyelashes
Eyelash feel hard, poor quality
The lashes are soft and elastic, with good quality

4. Whether the glossiness is normal
Excessive eyelash gloss, poor quality
Eyelash gloss is just right, good quality

5. Whether the installation operation is convenient
Eyelash application is more troublesome, the quality is poor
Eyelash application is convenient, the quality is good

6. Whether the tweezers were left behind or not
Tweezers, residual traces, poor quality
With tweezers, no trace, good quality

7. Is it easy to take eyelashes?
The glue on the card underneath the lashes is attached to the artificial eyelashes, which makes it difficult to take eyelashes and have poor quality.

8. Is it subject to true eyelash rejection?
Cause static, repulsive eyelashes, poor quality
No static, no repulsive eyelashes, good quality