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Common Style of False Eyelashes

It's a dream for many girls to have thick and long eyelashes. However, not so many people are born this way, so now the grafting eyelashes will be so hot. So what can we do to make eyelashes grow longer and faster? Let's see some advice.

Eyelashes Extension?
Eyelashes extension is a newly developed technology. The specific principle of eyelash extension is to stick every single false eyelash to the root of true eyelashes and the length and density of false eyelashes are under control.

Although eyelashes extension can help you avoid daily make up, there still exists some hidden trouble. Nowadays we all know that eyelashes extension is not cheap, whose price ranges from two or three hundred to thousands. But you do not know the material of eyelashes and glues. In order to make profit, some sellers even provide shoddy goods. It's really horrible to hear about three-without-product.


False Eyelashes
Stars would like to wear false eyelashes when they are on camera in order to make their eyes look brighter. Of course, false eyelash is also a magic weapon that many girls don't bother to draw eyeliner.


Nowadays false eyelashes can be divided into 2 kinds by different lash band:
Cotton stalk: softer, feel the lightest sense of discomfort when wearing. But it requires users are proficient in wearing and it is fitted for girls who like natural effect of makeup.

Naked stalk: harder than cotton stalk, but the effect of makeup is natural with clear band lashes.

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