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Eyelashes determine the beautiful height

If you want to grow natural thick eyelashes, you must start with a doll. So unfortunately missed the best period of eyelash growth, how to shape the eyelashes of the false eyelashes?

In recent years, the face favored by the lens often has a pair of thick and big eyes of God.

Generally, a mixed-race beauty feels that her eyelashes are thick enough, but still have false eyelashes to enhance the effect. No exaggerated eyeliner, no dazzling eye shadow, just gently put on the small false eyelashes, the eyes will still be alive, like the SD doll in the window, the eyes sparkle.

false eyelashes

Many girls think that daily makeup should be faint. I think that false eyelashes are the equipment for stage makeup. In fact, false eyelashes are also divided into many types. Only one of them is used on the stage. Fresh life makeup can still be added with false eyelashes. Here are a few recommended false eyelashes for different occasions.

Natural full-length eyelashes This false eyelash is a favorite of many women. The eyelashes are slim and sparse, especially natural. Suitable for students' makeup, life makeup, professional makeup, this eyelash is suitable for any eye type, big eye beauty, small eye beauty can be used. Even if you are a little cute on campus, wearing it, your eyes will become like spring water.

false eyelashes

A single eyelash is almost close to the real eyelashes, creating a clear, realistic look for women. For this eyelash, it is recommended that you have a big eye and confident eyebrows to suit your own eye shape.

Since the implanted false eyelasheslack the stalks of the flaky false eyelashes and lack the support of the eyelids, it is difficult to enlarge the effect of the eyes, so friends with small eyes should use caution as much as possible!