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Grafting lashes will occupy the mainstream market

According to the survey, women are willing to pay more in this aspect, and they can make themselves more beautiful. No one wants to miss it. In the eye makeup part, the most important thing is the eyelashes, and the long and curling eyelashes give one. The feeling of a big-eyed doll, and can add a lot to the overall makeup. It is not difficult to make a fuss on the lashes. It is not difficult to make women more beautiful. From the initial mascara to the whole false eyelashes, to the current super-insensitive eyelash grafting, the times are changing, and the way of making people beautiful is changing. It can be said that it is more and more beautiful for women, and the beauty of beauty.


lashes are short and sparse. Now it is not a terrible thing for women. Basically, there are many beauty salons in every town. Among them, there are eyelash grafting services, which are grafted to the eyes through hair and show natural eyelashes. The effect, and now gradually becoming the mainstream market, has gradually replaced mascara and false eyelashes. This kind of eyelash grafting is more natural. It does not require excessive care and maintenance after grafting. It does not require makeup removal and can last for half a month to several months, which brings great convenience to women.


It is precise because this method of eyelash grafting brings good news to women, so it can be said that the lashes market is infinite, and there is a lot of room for development. Grafting eyelashes are not unique projects for the rich and the stars, but the more Come into every life that loves beauty, look at the women around, many of them are made of eyelash grafting, become "eyelashes", the eyelash market must have more space, more investment To the market, beauty salons, beauty salons, nail shops, and other shops, to bring more beauty to women.