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How many things can lashes change?

Some people say that the eyeliner is the finishing touch of eye makeup, and some people say that glasses are the window of the human heart. Then the lashes are the curtains of this window. In fact, this can be natural, but the explanation of the eyelashes is still the same. But the importance of eyelashes to eye makeup, I believe everyone knows. It has thick and long eyelashes, which is enough for eye makeup. In fact, eyelashes can change a lot of things, such as the flaws on the face, and the eyelashes can deepen the eyeliner. If you look up from the side, it will deepen your eyes. The aesthetics of the makeup, because from the side, the middle and the root of the lashes will form a straight line, so that there are two layers of lash lines, thus achieving the beauty and deepening.


Eyelashes can magnify your visual sense. If you draw an eye shadow box, you can turn the outer edge of the eyeliner and the outer edge of the eye shadow to improve the visual boundary. But if you have your thick eyelashes, the eyeliner edge of the eye will not become. The edge of the eyelashes, if any, can increase the effect of your glasses. Eyelashes can enhance your deep makeup by applying eye makeup. If you don't fit your eye makeup, you can substitute the thick eyelashes. Natural eyes can change your eye shape. If you want to change your eye shape, you can do it by drawing your eyes. Painting your eyes can be changed with the long-lasting lashes. This will make your eyes look more beautiful. If you look at it, you will feel cute and beautiful. Long eyelashes can make your eyes more vivid and charming.


The above is to bring you how many things can change eyelashes, I hope to help you.