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How to make eyelash extensions classifications?

The eyes are the windows of the soul, the girls pay more attention to their own eye parts, especially the long eyelashes are flashing, more agile and pretty, so having long and thick eyelashes is a dream that many women dream of, but most women are Not a natural beauty, many woman's eyelashes are relatively sparse and relatively short, so what is the way to have thick curled eyelashes?

 eyelash extensions

In addition to the traditional mascara, in fact, more women will choose eyelash extensions. Now many beauty salons, nail shops and other places can eyelash extensions, and the selectivity and effect are different. The customer's own needs to choose.

For example, in terms of effects, it can be divided into a natural shape, a dense shape, a long curl shape, and the like. There are many choices in the classification of materials, such as synthetic eyelashes, protein fiber eyelashes, rabbit hair eyelashes, mane eyelashes, etc., the hair lashes are the softest and most natural, and are not easily deformed, and now the market is just now The state of the start is more promising, both in terms of material and technology, and it is better than other materials.

 eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions by grafting false eyelashes one by one onto the eyelids, and blending with their own eyelashes, is more natural, and the natural grafting does not even see false eyelashes so that women have long and thick eyelashes. The overall value of the face is higher. After the grafting, as long as it is properly maintained, it can be kept vigorously without rubbing with hands. Generally, it can be kept for one month or more after grafting, and a few cases are also normal. It can be replanted and the cost is reasonable. Now woman's love.