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How to Remove False Eyelashes?

1.Dip the appropriate amount of makeup remover oil with cotton swab. In the first place, you should wipe the root of the false long lashes, must be gentle, very careful to wipe the false lashes of the glue cleanly.
2.The root of the false eyelashes wiped off by the remover oil will fall off itself. When discharging false eyelashes, do not force yourself to tear the false eyelashes sticking to the eyelids. If you forcibly tear the false eyelashes, it will make the eyelid become flabby or even droop. What's worse, it may also tear down your eyelashes.
3.Then you should soak the eye lip makeup remover cotton fold, covered in eyelashes, which will dissolve mascara on false eyelashes, so that the true and false eyelashes separated. This step can dissolve the remnants of the eyelash root residual gum.
4.Next slide the root with the cotton stick. If you're going to throw away your false eyelashes, you can rip them off. If you want to keep false eyelashes next time, use tweezers to remove them. Squeeze the false eyelashes as close to the eye as possible and start from the inner corners. Pull them gently upwards and take them off your eyelids.
5. After taking off the best false eyelashes, dip on the cotton swab to take the false mascara cleaning agent, and rub the eyelash root to clean the residual gum. Then, use the dry cotton swab to gently wipe the residue and clean the eyelids.