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Why is the eyelash extension being Easy to Drop?

1. Eyelashes roots cleaning is not thorough. In general, if there is grease and dust on the eyelashes that are not cleaned, the grafted eyelashes are very easy to fall off. In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to use the eyelash extension cleanser of the ciliary rather than clean water. As we all know that if the hands have oily material, we will use hand wash or soap, water is not able to clean the oil.

2. Select incorrect model. Many girls think longer the eyelashes, better the results. But a lot of people ignore to consider their own eyelashes. In general, the best natural looking false lashes are about 1/3 longer than one's own lashes. Some people, in pursuit of length, choose eyelashes far longer than their own lashes, which is not in accordance with the growth of their eyelashes.

3. The weather. In summer, the temperature starts to get higher and the speed of curing and aging of the glue is going to be much faster. Besides, the metabolism is faster in the summer, so the grafted eyelashes will fall off along with the original eyelashes.

4.The incorrect location. In general, the individual lashes should be placed on the left and right sides of the lashes, with a distance of 0.3 to 0.5 mm from the skin. To make the grafted eyelashes upwarped and the radian of which maintained, it is a must to have a third of the grafting eyelash roots overlap with the original ones in the same direction.

5. Poor maintenance after grafting. Try not to touch water for about six hours and keep it dry for a week, avoiding oily skin care products and hot sauna.

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