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Some tips for eyelash extensions

Intoday's society, beauty has nowhere to be found. Of course, some people have

not paid attention to their own values before. Now they have paid attention tothem. Eyelashes have attracted a lot of attention from women and men. So, Ireally understand it and its skills. ?

The eyelash extensions will grow underthe eyelids. The upper eyelashes are short and curved, and the lower face lashesare short and few. The eyelashes have a protective effect. Everyone knows thatthe eyelashes are the second line of defense of the eyes. If there are debrisfalling around the eyes, this is when the eyelashes are easily blocked fromentering the eyes, the shading line can also prevent the sweat and the dust inthe air from entering the eyes, protecting the cornea, and the eyeball, and alsoreducing the ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Hurt.

eyelash extensions

First,we need to prepare the tools before the operation, such as selecting a small

box, putting the tweezers, glue and implanted eyelash extensions into a small box, then cleaning the eyes, dryingthem with a hair dryer, keeping the skin dry, and then Shun the eyelashes, usethe eye mask to separate the upper and lower eyelashes, and also completelystick them. Next, use the prepared tweezers to connect the real eyelashes andthe false eyelashes together, one by one. So that it cannot be connected to a piece,to avoid mutual sticking, after drying, dry or dry with a hair dryer. If youdon't have a scorpion, you can use your hand to help pull the eyelid up, thenapply it, first apply it from the upper eyelashes, then the next.

eyelash extensions

Eyelashes,the upper eyelash extensions arefirst brushed horizontally, the lower eyelashes are brushed vertically, and theupper and lower eyelashes are repeatedly applied. When the lower eyelashes arebrushed out, the false eyelashes must be selected first which can be purchasedonline with good quality and good reputation. It is the most comfortable touse.