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What are the requirements for choosing mink eyelashes vendor?

Nowadays, there are many young female friends who come out to start a business. Many of them choose to open some eyelash shops and beauty shops. Because there are too many people who love beauty now, when they just opened the mink eyelashes vendor, many female friends met in the purchase. Some problems, I have no experience at first, I want to know some questions about the wholesale of bristles through some channels. Here are some details about what you need to pay attention to.

mink eyelashes vendor

At the time of selection, most people still pay attention to the quality of the materials, whether the price is reasonable, and whether the merchants will hang people. For example, if the quality of the materials is not enough mink eyelashes vendor, if it has not been disinfected, it may cause eye damage. Health, eventually leading to redness and swelling of the eyes, some eyelash suppliers claim that their products are imported from Japan and South Korea, but in fact, the goods are the source of the business, if you do not pay much attention to the choice, it will be harmed by the black heart business, Glue sticking glue may also have some hidden dangers. Many merchants have reduced the cost in order to make money. They may use 502 glue to harm the consumers. If you use 502 glue to paste, the damage to the eyes is extremely high. Big, so it’s not worth the candle.

mink eyelashes vendor

Choosing the right mink eyelashes vendor can reduce unnecessary hazards. If you choose inappropriately, it can cause eye diseases. Because the lashes are sticking from the roots of the lashes to your true lashes, whether you are washing your face or Sleeping will have a feeling of incompatibility, which may cause red eye disease after washing your face.