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Beauty-loving, beautiful girls must be familiar with false eyelashes. False eyelashes can make your eyes bigger and brighter, can beautify your eyes and increase eye beauty. Make you more attractive. Nowadays, female friends make up, false eyelashes have become essential, but many friends are confused. I don’t know what kind of false eyelashes to buy. This makes many people feel headaches, and how to use false eyelashes. More natural, many people think that these are troublesome things, but many people know a lot about false eyelashes, but do you know which material's eyelashes are more suitable for you?

The first is about the types of false eyelashes. There are many types of false eyelashes. There are many things to know when buying fake eyelashes. If you want to buy a suitable false eyelash that suits you, you must understand your eye condition, because everyone's eyes are different, and it will inevitably be complicated when selected. Some people think that good false eyelashes should be big brands. The quality of expensive eyelashes may be better. See how you choose, the price is not necessarily good, the price is not necessarily bad, the price is not good or bad. It depends on your own thoughts. False eyelashes are also divided into many types, such as cotton stalks, fish stalks, and plastic stalks.

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Cotton stalks are softer than other eyelash stalks. They are not allowed to stick to the eyelids after fitting. They are not easy to lift up. However, it is a bit troublesome when the eyelashes are removed, because it is soft and easy to deform and bend when torn. It's hard to use it repeatedly. The fish line stalk has a good effect, the invisibility is relatively high, and the original effect can be maintained when the tear is removed. It can be reused, but it is easy to fall off and lift, and there is a plastic stem. The plastic stem is relatively hard compared to the above two. This eyelash stem is more suitable for girls with single eyelids and inner double eyelids, so you must also understand dialysis when choosing false eyelashes, and choose false eyelashes according to your own situation.

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Then I want to introduce the eyelashes in particular, because this kind of eyelashes can be said to be a kind of eyelashes with better material in the eyelashes. The advantage of the eyelashes is that it is relatively slender, soft and has a relatively high density. Going up and looking more natural. Because it is very close to real human hair, the hair is very soft and natural, and the gloss is also very good, so it is difficult to see what is flawed if you don't look carefully. As long as you don't let it stab your eyes and reduce friction, it will be greatly reduced. Allergy phenomenon, grafting will look more natural, its shortcoming is that it is difficult to graft the eyelashes, because it is relatively soft, and it may fall in a short time after grafting, because with human hair Similar, so it will drop when it meets water. If you want to graft more, it is best not to graft this eyelash. The eyelash comfort of the bristles is not the best compared to other materials. In fact, it is still possible. Of course, the price of the lashes is also a little higher. If you want to choose a lower price, you can choose artificial eyelashes.

There are many types of false eyelashes. There are many types of false eyelashes. The most important thing is to choose a fake eyelash that suits you. This is the best, and you should pay attention to it when using false eyelashes. Matters, after all, the eye is a very sensitive part, you must choose to be sure when choosing eyelash glue, if there is improper, there will be eye diseases such as eye allergies.

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When using false eyelashes, it is important to pay attention to safety. There are still a lot of false eyelashes that you need to know. How can you make false eyelashes become more natural when you use them? Some people may choose to trim false eyelashes. If the eyelashes are properly trimmed, it will look more natural. First, the false eyelashes are curled up with the eyelash curler. The main thing is to pay attention to the width and length of the eyelashes. Because the human eyelashes are the longest in the middle, the two sides are shorter than each other. When trimming, pay attention to whether the length of your eyes and false eyelashes match. If the false eyelashes are long, then you can use small scissors to properly Trim some, just cut a little on both sides.

When using false eyelashes, it should be adhered according to the normal method. The effect is the best, and it is also safe. Do not blindly use false eyelashes. Blind use will only make the effect of false eyelashes more Not good, when choosing eyelash materials, you can find a professional eyelash staff to introduce you to false eyelashes.