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It is easy to make eyelash extensions

Many people think that using mascara to brush eyelashes will also remove makeup from the eye makeup at night. This is very troublesome, so many little fairies choose to eyelash extensions, which is convenient and natural. Can we transplant eyelashes ourselves?

Because the Asian face is characterized by the shape of the eye is not very deep, so the hair is not very strong. Relatively speaking, most Asian people's eyelashes are short and sparse, so when we see the long and thick foreigners' eyelashes, we will always be embarrassed. What is a good way to graft eyelashes?

First of all, eye transplantation is difficult, but it is not impossible. For its part, we have to prepare the tools before the operation, for example, we choose a small box and put the dice. The glue and eyelash extensions you want to implant are evenly placed in a small box. Then remove the eye makeup of our eyes, here should pay attention to the roots of our eyelashes, do not leave any makeup, but also pay attention to the use of a part of the makeup remover during the makeup removal process.

After removing makeup, also remove grease and dust from the roots of the eyelashes and the skin. During the cleaning process, we should also use a hair dryer to blow clean water to keep the skin dry in our eyes. The next thing to do is to clean the naturally growing eyelashes, use the eye mask to isolate the upper and lower eyelashesand make sure our lower eyelashes need to be completely glued to the eyes. Prevent us from licking the upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes.

Next is the key to grafting our own eyelash extensions and false eyelashes with a small forceps. The length of the eyelashes should be one-third longer than our own. False eyelashes and true eyelashes are one after the other. Transplant together, try to transplant one by one, avoid contact and prevent adhesion. Dry it when finished.