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Care Tips for False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are exquisite but delicate, so we should be very careful when using them. When taking them out of the box, do not hold their edges and drag them out, instead, we should gently take them out with fingers along the direction of the eyelashes. And when removing them from the eyelids, we are supposed to hold the middle part of the false eye lashes and pull them out right off, do not try to pull them out with two or three hairs between the fingers. Before putting the used eyelashes back into the box, the eyelash glue on them should be thoroughly removed. Be careful not to let eye shadow powder or eyelash oil scatter in the false eyelashes, otherwise, the false eyelashes will be polluted and even damaged.

Eyes are the windows of one's soul, and bright eyes are the pursuit of all women. In view of the relatively deep eye socket of women in Europe and America, after using the mascara and eyelash clips, the use of fake eye lashes will make the make-up more fascinating and more attractive. In the stage or fashion makeup, false eyelashes are an important cosmetic device that makes the face lively and attractive. Wearing false eyelashes is just like putting on luxurious apparels, they can make women look more artistic, mysterious and gorgeous in a revolutionary and imaginative way. In order to cater to this trend of makeup, more and more cosmetic brands begin to integrate this stage-patented product into daily life, bringing new fashion choices and new confidence for women.