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How can we make eyelashes grow fast?

In the age of looking at the face, of course, people first look at the face of a person, so many people choose makeup, makeup can make people become very attractive, and even radiant, so women Friends, makeup every day, make-up has become their daily life, eye makeup is very important in makeup, you need to apply some eye shadow, eyebrows and many other steps, the final is still eyelashes, in the makeup of the eyelashes They always spend a lot of time sorting out. As long as you want to be more beautiful, you have to spend a lot of time on the eyelashes. They often choose false eyelashes because false eyelashes can help their eyes become more The charm makes the eyelashes curl and soft, and it looks very natural. However, it takes a long time to attach the false eyelashes. In this respect, some girls go to the eyelashes, and the grafting eyelashes can be Saving time can also make your eyelashes more natural, but these methods are not as natural as their own eyelashes. Therefore, many women are imagining that their eyelashes can be made long and curled. In fact, it is completely achievable. There are also many ways to make their eyelashes grow rapidly, and their eyelash growth is definitely better than doing. Grafting eyelashes and sticking false eyelashes are more healthy, so do you know how to grow false eyelashes? Let's talk about how to make eyelashes grow quickly.


There are many ways to increase eyelash growth. The first method is to apply aloe real on your own eyelashes, put aloe real juice on a cotton swab, and then apply aloe real juice to the root of the eyelashes with a cotton swab. . Apply it every night. As long as you stick to it for more than a month, you will naturally see the effect. After your eyelashes are long, you don't have to paint. Then you can go to the pharmacy to buy a little vitamin E on your own eyelashes, put the vitamin in a small cup and poke the vitamin with a pointed object, then use a cotton swab to wipe the vitamin liquid on the cotton swab, then Applying the vitamin solution to your own eyelashes is also done once a day. The effect is also very good. When you see the effect of eyelash growth, you don't have to apply it every day.

You can also use a growing mascara that can increase your eyelashes. This may require you to apply it for a long time, and the eyelashes will become very long, but it is not recommended to use it every day. This is not good for you. Eyelash growth, long-term application but less amount of application, two or three times a week, do not need to paint a lot, you must clean this growth mascara at night to sleep. You can also go for a little olive oil, because olive oil can have the effect of moisturizing hair, but you can't apply it too much. If you apply it regularly, the growth of eyelashes can be seen from the naked eye. The only bad thing is that Do not apply too much, it is very easy to grow fat particles. If you grow fat, it will be very troublesome.


Of course, false eyelashes are also a method. If you don't want others to find that you are using false eyelashes, then you can divide the false eyelashes into several segments and then paste them, so that the attached eyelashes are also natural. If you have to attach fake eyelashes or graft eyelashes. Both have the advantage that the grafted eyelashes last longer than the sticky false eyelashes and will look a bit natural than the false eyelashes, but still better for their natural eyelashes. The above method will make the eyelashes longer and more natural if you use it properly, but some say that trimming the eyelashes can make the eyelashes grow. This is not scientifically based. If you trim the eyelashes, you can only make your The eyelashes become thicker and won't make your eyelashes long and dense, so it's best not to use this method. There is no guarantee of safety. When you trim your eyelashes, be sure to pay attention. Don't let The trimmed false eyelashes fall into your eyes, which can easily cause eye irritation and allergies. The eyes are very fragile, so be sure to protect your own eyes. If such a thing happens, it must be handled in a timely manner.


In addition to the above methods you can still, pay more attention to the diet every day, you can eat a lot of green food every day, just think about fruits and vegetables, you have to keep a good night's sleep, can not sleep more than ten o'clock every night. Doing so will promote the growth of your eyelashes. If you do the above methods every day, there will be a big change in your eyelashes one day.