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How to Choose False Eyelashes

A pair of false lashes can instantly make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. But how to choose false eyelashes? There are lots of different types to pick from, it can be daunting finding a pair that’s just right.


Deep-set eyes: Try lashes that are longer in length at the centre of the lashes.

Downturned eyes: Try a shorter strip lash that is longer in the outer corners to lift your eyes.

Hooded eyes: Try a thin strip lash in a shorter length.

Prominent eyes: Try balancing your top lashes with strip lashes on the bottom, too, which will give the illusion of pushing back your eyes.

Also, there are different types of fake lashes.

Natural Lashes: You can see from evaluating these lashes with others that they are tons of extra refined looking. These are lashes that are going to provide you an increase in size and thickness, but aren’t going to go overboard.
Full Lashes: These lashes are needless to say a whole lot thicker than the natural lashes. While these lashes may seem to be too heavy for daily wear, they are without a doubt splendid for photos (especially if the images are going to be taken from a bit further away). It’s variety of the same principle as theatre makeup—the further away humans are from you, the bolder the stage make-up has to be in order to appear right.
Long & Short Lashes: This class of lashes has a bold sample of longer and shorter lashes. Some may additionally comprise crisscrossed lashes, some may be straight, but the reported distinction in tip size is their largest feature.
Individual Lashes: These lashes do take longer to put on, however they seem to be more natural the place your eyelid meets your lash line and you can put on as many or as few as you want and customise your size and look.

It is entirely up to your digression on what you ultimately decide. Shop lashes that not only suit your personal style, but also allow you to feel the most comfortable because at the end of the day or night – confidence is the goal of it all!