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How to maintain after eyelash extensions?

Eyelashesare the second line of defense for the eyes, and they are also fascinating, butthose who are fewer lashes are thinking about how much thick eyelash extensions can be used. Eyelashthickening can improve the aesthetics of female friends. At the same time,having long and very thick eyelashes is one of the things that most femalefriends have dreamed of. Things like this that are not desired can now become areality. Because of the emergence of grafting eyelashes, many women have becomeone of the ways to become beautiful, but many female friends are wondering if everyone can graft eyelashes? How to maintain after eyelash extensions?

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The first requirement for eyelash extensionsis to first look at the quantity and quality of your own eyelashes. If your eyelashesare naturally thick and curled, the effect of people like some eyelashes are thebest, at the same time, if your eyelashes are loose and short, you can suggestthat you try a hair follicle transplant, and even women worry about themaintenance time of the grafted eyelashes. This is a question that every femalefriend will ask. You don't look as short as the eyelashes. I will grow myself,like our hair, hair and eyelashes are all kinds of body hair, but the eyelashesgrow more slowly, and the eyelashes will fall off like the hair. Usually, we are blinking. In the process, it also falls off on its own. Under normalcircumstances, the grafted eyelashes will remain between 4 weeks and 6 weeks.At the same time, female friends will know how to maintain after eyelash extensions.

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Beforeyou graft the eyelashes, you should first clean the eyelashes, then avoidcontact with the water within three hours, then within 48 hours after graftingthe eyelashes, avoid contact with water vapor, do not make sweaty sports, and then use the cosmetics and skin care products you use. The make-up remover doesnot contain oil and other methods to maintain the graft eyelashes.