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How to remove eyelash extensions

1.Lift the upper eyelid lightly and put the arc (dry) medical non-woven fabric on the lower eyelid ( the medical non-woven fabric is also used to cover the upper eyelid). And the tweezers were used to examine the grafting of the eyelashes.

2.Use a steel push rod to take the eyelash remover, and spread the paste from the middle of the eyelash extension first. Then fix the eyelashes on the non-woven fabric.

3.Spread the removable cream from the end of the lashes by 1.5 mm and press gently to ensure that each eyelash is evenly coated with the removal ointment.

4.Cover eyes with plastic wrap and put a hot towel on it, with the temperature about 65 degrees Celsius. After five minutes, take off the plastic wrap and the hot towel, and gently scrape the grafted eyelashes with a steel push rod. When taking off the plastic wrap, you should take it from the top.

5.After scraping off all the grafted eyelashes with a steel push rod, replace the medical non-woven on the eyes and dry the eyelashes with big white cotton swabs to rub out the residual paste and glue left on the real eyelashes.

6.Replace the second (wet) non-woven cotton sheet and (wet) cotton swabs with new ones. Then rub your eyelashes gently to thoroughly clean your eyelashes.

7.Use black cotton wand to check whether the lashes are clean or not.