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Introduction of Siberian Sable Fur Eyelashes

We usually use siberian sable fur eyelashes, because it is especially recommended for those who have very thin natural eyelashes that have trouble supporting the weight of mink fur lashes. It is suitable for anyone.

With the characteristics of elastic, uniform thickness, hair peak slender, soft, smooth and moderate hardness, siberian sable fur lashes are very soft eyelashes with natural brownish black color. Each of siberian sable fur is not in same thickness like our true eyelashes. So it is a high-exquisite luxury-selling brand which create a variety of effects to make eyelashes looks slim, very soft and comfortable, no tight feeling, no heavy feeling, soft fit and not easy to fall off. It is lighter than common siberian mink fur eyelashes.

Synthetic or silk lashes are usually made in uniform thickness from 0.07mm-0.15mm according to different eyelashes. While our mink or sable fur lashes are natural thickness rated at 0.07mm-0.10mm in thickness, not like others' mink or sable fur eyelashes made from 0.15mm-0.20mm thickness, therefore our lashes are much more natural and comfortable than others.

Compare with our mink fur eyelashes, the material for our sable fur eyelashes is thiner and softer. Therefore, our sable fur eyelash extension is very good for 2D russion volume eyelash extensions. Therefore, our siberian sable fur eyelashes make you more charming and unique due to the special color than other eyelashes as well as insure your secure and healthy by the strict disinfection process.

siberian sable fur eyelashes
We all know that eyelashes products made of animal hair must go through a very strict health and safety disinfection treatment before allowing customers to use it. Because there may be bacterial on it which is bad for our healthy. However, If you encounter some low-cost, no brand or messy sable fur or mink fur eyelashes, you must be pay attention to its quality. In order to reduce costs and absorb more customers to buy them, these products may use poor quality siberian sable fur or other bad material pretended to be upscale product without strict treatment. You can judge if they are good or not by the thickness as well.