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Life tips, telling you that lashes are really long

If you want to wink, there are no good eyelashes. A pair of long eyelashes can make you more beautiful, but the eyelashes won't be as long as possible. In fact, its golden ratio to the eyes can better protect the eyes.

We all know that lashes are used to protect our eyes, but how to protect them is not very clear. Some people think that eyelashes can protect our eyes from dust. Others believe that eyelashes, like the antennae of an animal, can detect foreign objects and close their eyes before they are injured. In fact, the eyelashes do not directly protect the eyes, but instead change the airflow around the eyes, prevent dust and other irritants from entering the eyes, and let the water vapor flow. Some people try to use a small plate filled with water as the "eyeball", a plastic mesh to simulate the "eyelashes", and a small fan that is taken out of the computer to blow the "eyes." Then carefully record the amount of water evaporated from the eyeball and the amount of dust that the fan blows into the surface of the eyeball. The results show that the length of the eyelashes has a golden ratio. When the length of the eyelashes is close to 1/3 of the width of the eye, the eyes evaporate and the dust falls on the eyelashes at least.
The eyelashes create a slow-flowing air at the boundary layer that not only prevents dust from flowing, but also keeps the eyes moist and keeps the water dry. The longer the eyelashes, the thicker the boundary layer, but the longer the eyelashes, like the funnel, directing the flowing air into the eyes and damaging the protective layer. There are many beautiful girls who will pursue artificial lashes. Although very beautiful, it is not good for the eyes. People with short eyelashes do not think this aspect is flawed. Although it is better to protect the eye from the best eyelash length, it is enough for the normal operation of the eyeball.