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Teach you to choose the eyelashes that suit you.

For every woman who loves beauty, having a big electric eye be perfect. When it's counterproductive, the eyelashes that are right for you can easily solve your troubles. It can both enlarge your eyes and make your eyes look bright and charming, and they are easy to wear, so come more and more the more beautiful women accept it becomes an essential beauty tool.


The eyelashes must first be thick and natural, so the material is very important when choosing eyelashes because different materials have completely different effects on makeup. The more common synthetic eyelashes are various in style and cheap, but because of the material, the eyelashes themselves are heavy, wearing After that, it is easy to crush the true eyelashes, and the water absorption is poor. After burning, there is a plastic burnt smell. The animal's hairlash has different softness and hardness due to the selection of different animal hairs. For example, ordinary bristles have a good natural curling effect, similar to true eyelashes. The horse hair is very hard and the softness is not good. The color of the eyelashes made from the feathers of the birds is more exaggerated, and the decorative effect of the eyes is more suitable for the stage performance. The animal's hair lashes are burned off and have an animal scent. Human eyelashes are the best eyelashes for makeup and use. They are used in the eye and have a high degree of fit. They can be incorporated into real eyelashes. Many people often transplant real eyelashes according to their eyelash condition. The eyelashes are thicker and the eyes look more delicate and radiant after makeup. The real eyelashes burn charcoal after burning.


By introduction, you want to choose the eyelashes that suit you, so that your eyes can get rid of the gods and become brighter and brighter.