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The main method of using false eyelashes

There are a lot of girls who like to be pretty, but there are a lot of ways for girls now. How can girls do better makeup now? Its hard to beat girls. There are a lot of ways to make your makeup more attractive. Because there are a lot of cosmetics now, girls use cosmetics more frequently. Now there is A lot of methods, about the use of cosmetics now more convenient, there are more types of cosmetics now, you can better choose, but you still need to pay more attention when choosing cosmetics, about now every day There are a lot of steps when you make up your makeup. You need to know more when you make your choices now. At the time of makeup, there are some steps. For the current makeup steps, many girls are more familiar with the makeup. Girls will think of eye makeup, and nowadays eye makeup will also think of false eyelashes. About the current false eyelashes are also more important. Nowadays, many girls are aware of false eyelashes and now use false eyelashes. There are a lot of steps to use, but there are still a lot of things about it. Girls are more understanding, the following still need to tell you about the main use of false eyelashes, hoping to help the primary method used to use false eyelashes.

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In the present, the use of false eyelashes is mainly natural in order to use false eyelashes and their own eyelashes. It is natural to choose the main dark brown or black that is suitable for Asian women. In addition to the aspect of the choice of false eyelashes, it is mainly necessary to look at the stem of the false eyelashes. There are three types of false eyelashes that are currently divided into three types: fish line stems and cotton stems and plastic stems. The main function of the cotton stalk is that it is relatively soft. It does not compare the eyelids when it is applied, and it is not too easy to lift. However, the main disadvantage is that the stalk is easily bent and deformed after being torn off, which is not easy to carry out. Repetitive use; the fish line stalk is better at present. It is not only transparent but also invisible. Now it is more convenient to cut a bunch of stickers to paste before you tear After the next one, it is also possible to maintain the original curvature. The shortcoming of this eyelash stem is that it is easier to fall off and lift. Plastic stems are also relatively hard. The quality of the present is not as good as the fishline stems and cotton stalks, but it is still a very good choice for girls with single eyelids and inner double eyelids because it is harder at present. The stalk can hold the eyelids together, and the effect of shaping is also better.

false eyelashes

Nowadays, for some girls who have daily light makeup, they usually choose natural false eyelashes with soft and fine stems, which are not only comfortable when worn, but also relatively invisible. First use the three-stage clip method to clip the eyelashes to a major arc, so as to avoid the main curvature of the false eyelashes. The portion of the detail that is not clipped can be used to use a small, localized dedicated eyelash curler. Then use the eyelash tweezers to carefully remove the false eyelashes. The texture is a good one-box false eyelash, which can be used repeatedly for many times. At present, the texture of the whole box and multiple branches is relatively rough, but the effect is quite natural, and the maximum can be repeated. Use 2 to 3 times.

false eyelashes

When using it, you first need to carefully pinch the ends of the false eyelashes, repeatedly bend a major curvature, and then make the flexible false eyelashes. The mirror is best facing you and then setting it up, first by hand holding the false eyelashes and then putting it on your eyes to compare the length. Then use the special eyelash scissors to trim the eyelashes, and cut off some of the extra wires at the two ends, mainly according to the length of the eye. First, use the eyelash tweezers to clip the false eyelashes. Carefully apply the eyelash glue to the connection of the false eyelashes with the eyelash brush. After using the eyelash glue, it is necessary to wait a few seconds and then fix the middle part in the middle of the eyelid with the false eyelashes glued on the eyelash file. Then use the hand to help adjust the head and tail, and fix it.

In the present, there are many ways to use false eyelashes. Of course, it is necessary to carry out a more effective method to use, so that it can better display the effect of makeup, in the current use of false eyelashes. There is a lot of attention, but I hope that every girl can use false eyelashes better.