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The main steps of using false eyelashes

In today's many girls are very demanding, but some are often unsatisfactory. If you want to make yourself more beautiful, then girls choose makeup, because makeup can make them look better. It's more refined, and you need to do a lot of processes when you're doing makeup, and every process is very important. If you want to be more refined, then you must follow the formal methods when making makeup. That way, you can better show the effect of makeup. Make-up is very common nowadays, many girls have a certain understanding of make-up, and have tried makeup. However, there are many steps in makeup when makeup is essential. Eye makeup is very important for the entire makeup. When it comes to eye volume, it should be thought of false eyelashes. False eyelashes have become A cosmetic tool that people often use, if you want to make your eyes bright and curled, you can choose to use false eyelashes, because this effect will become very good after use. The main function of false eyelashes is to use To beautify people's eyes, there are many steps and precautions when using false eyelashes. Do you understand? Let me introduce you to the main steps of using false eyelashes.

false eyelashes

The main function of false eyelashes is to beautify people's eyes, make people's eyes more attractive, and make their eyes brighter, so now more people choose to use false eyelashes, but when using false eyelashes It must be used in accordance with the formal procedures, because there are many steps to use false eyelashes, you must pay attention to when using. Otherwise, you may not get the effect you want.

false eyelashes

The first thing to say is that after completing your own eye makeup, before putting on the false eyelashes, firstly, you should first clip your own eyelashes, then trim the appropriate false eyelash length on the false eyelashes, and then take out the false eyelashes. Contrast with your own eyelashes. If it's not too suitable, then you can make a simple trimming of the false eyelashes, trim the ends of the false eyelashes, and trim them to fit the eyelashes perfectly. Then you can False eyelashes are a very important part. Before using false eyelashes, the false eyelashes should be curled up, so that the effect will be more curled after wearing them; then, take a proper amount of eyelash glue, Apply to the eyelashes, because the ends of the false eyelashes are the easiest to fall off and fall off, so apply a proper amount of eyelash glue on both ends; use professional eyelash tweezers and special eyelash curlers when using. In the center of the false eyelashes, and then stick to the stem of the eyelids, this can better set the distance between the eyes and the end of the eye. The distance between the three eyelashes, so that for a long time to wear, the eyelashes will not poke into their own eyes; stick the eye, the end of the eye, use the tweezers to clamp the root of the eyelashes to the front, and pull the roots of the eye with a little force After that, it will be fixed and the end of the eye will be the same. You can use a slight tension to support the eyelashes to support the eyelids. This is why many people inside and outside, after wearing false eyelashes, the double eyelids will run out, which is the supporting force of the eyelashes and the slight tension of the tweezers when they are attached. In addition, use the clip to strengthen the eyelashes.

false eyelashes

After sticking the false eyelashes, you can use the eyelash comb and comb the false eyelashes with your own eyelashes. This will look better. You can choose to apply mascara to the root of the eyelashes. It will be more natural to go up, it can play an effect that each eyelash is distinct. When applying mascara, it should be used in moderation, so that you can have a better eyelash beauty. If you apply more, time If you are long, false eyelashes are easy to agglomerate. After everything is ready, finally use the eyelashes and other items for eyelashes to blacken the stem of the false eyelashes, so that the effect can be made better. When covering the traces, the eyes should go up. Look, this way you can make up the roots of the eyelashes, which will be more detailed.

The above content is the main steps used to introduce false eyelashes. It must be used in accordance with the formal procedures and steps in order to achieve a better effect. When using false eyelashes, A lot of precautions need to be understood. You need to know more about using many parts of false eyelashes so that you can use false eyelashes better. Otherwise, it is easy to cause some damage to your eyes.