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Prolong the Life of Eyelash Glue!

Just open a few days of eyelash glue, the bottle mouth is blocked; Glue is aging too fast to use a few times; After opening a week, the glue will not stick, the above total, eyelash glue is so expensive, think all the pain.

So how to extend the life of eyelash glue? I think the boss of ciliary is very curious to know, we will talk today.

Method of preservation of glue

Before purchase, consult the term of use of glue "unopened" and "unopened".

The save method after opening

The glue is usually sold in small aluminum bags with the desiccant.To prevent glue aging caused by moisture, we need to clean the dirt on the nozzle and bottle cap, we need to tighten the lid and seal the aluminum bag and stand up in the shade (at 19-23 degrees of darkness).

Save in the unopened state

The glue will gradually age, so it is desirable to maintain a good use of the glue. Ideally, it will be changed once a month or so.

If it is spare glue, it can be saved in the cold storage about 10 ℃ temperature of cosmetics, however, there is no humidity management function in the refrigerated storage room of cosmetics, and we must pay attention to temperature management, and remember not to store the refrigerator or freezer in the home.Because the average refrigerator temperature is too low, it causes the "inside of the glue container to be exposed". The "too low temperature" may accelerate the aging of the glue, or damage the original performance. If there is no storage room for cosmetics, it is better to buy it regularly without the need for spare glue.

The correct way to open the glue

1. The first step is to wake the glue and gently shake the glue for about a minute (60-90 times).

2. Do vertical drops of glue when dripping glue to prevent the bottle mouth from having glue residue. If contact with air causes oxidation, it will reduce the use life of glue and be careful to wipe it off before and after use.

3. In the process of using glue, we should keep the principle of less drop, 1-2 drops, especially in summer;

4. Squeeze the air out of the water bottle gently until the glue is no longer overflowing, tighten the bottle cap, and the steel needle in the cap does not react with the glue to ensure that the glue is not blocked;

After use, place the refrigerator at room temperature and refrigerate at room temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. When you need to use, remove the glue for 10 to 15 minutes to restore to normal temperature and then shake again.

Finally, if the amount of eyelash glue is small, it is recommended to buy the small bottle of glue.

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