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The Method of Cleaning the Glue on False Eyelashes

Step 1: Prepare a clean cotton pad, place the used false eyelashes carefully on the cotton pad.
Step 2: Prepare a cotton swab that is fully covered with eye-lip makeup remover, apply the remover to the root of the false eyelashes.
Step 3: Apply the remover with a little effort in order to smoothly remove some residual eyelash glue.
Step 4: If there is some glue can't be removed by the remover, pull the glue down with your fingers.
Step 5: The base of the false eyelash is very fragile, it should be cleaned gently. Turn over the false eyelashes and repeat the above cleaning procedure. Clean the false eyelashes along the eyelash one by one.
Step 6: Pull the cotton swab back and forth until there is no decolorization, and the base of the false eyelashes is not sticky any more. Then use the clean part of the cotton pad to gently press and wipe the false eyelashes.
Step 7: Air the cleaned false eyelashes on the clean cotton pad.
Step 8: Finally, keep the cleaned false eyelashes in good condition.

Tips: It is important to note that when cleaning the base of the false eyelashes, we should also comb the false lashes. Some of the fragile lashes may become out of shape, but most of the handmade lashes can stand up to the treatment. And if the eyelash glue is not cleaned up thoroughly, it may affect the secondary use of the false eyelashes, and the lifetime of the false eyelashes.