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Which materials are good for batch eyelashes?

Eyelashes are the function of beautifying the eyes. The eyelashes should be treated to make them look good and enhance their overall temperament. Applying false eyelashes can make the eyelashes longer and curl, and the eyes can be more radiant. Modern people's makeup is very popular for false eyelashes. There is no good benefit in doing eyelash business. To meet the needs of the masses,eyelashes in bulk should include various materials.

As far as synthetic eyelashes are concerned, the price is low, the style and color are various, and it is very popular in the market. The false eyelashes are required for makeup in various occasions, and the artificial synthetic eyelashes are low in cost and can be used multiple times, which is very economical for people. Of course, the artificial synthetic eyelash material is hard and it is easy to crush the eyelashes. It is more suitable to use this eyelash in general occasions. At some important occasions, the silkworm protein fiber eyelashes are better. The eyelashes are light in weight and will not collapse their own eyelashes. They have a certain shape and curling degree. It is better to stick this eyelashes. Yes, the mink eyelashes are very close to the real hair, the hair is soft and natural, and the gloss is also good. It is not easy to see the true and false after the eyelashes are attached, and the effect is better than the artificial eyelashes.
The eyelashes of the above materials can be wholesaled in batches, and false eyelashes of other materials can be selected. Since the makeup market is huge now, the demand for false eyelashes is increased, and there are different eyelashes for the eyelashes, and the eyelash materials are required to be different. To meet the needs of different needs is to create more revenue. Pay attention to the wholesale of eyelashes, first investigate the eyelash market, determine the size of the eyelash material according to market demand, and do a good job of dividing the wholesale quantity of false eyelashes on each material.