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Correct procedure for eyelash glue and unloading

People have a heart of beauty, it is normal for them to look good for makeup, and they have eyes that look like fake eyelashes. Applying false eyelashes can improve the problem of eyelessness or too small eyes. It is necessary to use eyelash glue when attaching false eyelashes and to understand the operation of eyelash glue and unloading glue. Learn makeup and makeup removal knowledge to learn how to choose eyelashes glue remover.

Eyelashes glue remover
How to choose eyelash glue? Whether the shelf life of the false eyelashes is prolonged depends on whether the quality of the eyelash glue used is reliable. Generally, high-quality glue is used to attach the false eyelashes, and the shelf life of the false eyelashes is long after being attached. Although the brand eyelash glue is expensive, it works well. Judging whether the quality of the eyelash glue is good or not, the eyelash glue is actually irritating, and the eyelash glue without irritating taste is more suitable for makeup. There are various classifications of eyelash glue, which is suitable for different makeup people. The glue used by novices and the professional technicians is different. It is necessary to understand this specific knowledge about eyelashes. Eyelashes glue remover operation are not complicated. There are operations on false eyelashes and unloading on the Internet. Follow the video tutorial to learn the correct way.
Eyelashes glue remover
To properly remove the glue on the false eyelashes, first use the clean cotton pad to gently put the used false eyelashes on the cotton pad, then take out a cotton swab and apply the eye and lip makeup remover to the root of the false eyelashes. Use a little force to remove the residual glue on the false eyelashes. Some obvious glue can be removed by hand. In order not to break the false eyelashes, use a cotton swab to apply makeup remover to apply the fake eyelashes to the front and back, and remove the glue from each eyelash. There is no big problem with careful attention to eyelashes glue remover.