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A small coup to solve the lashes under the eyelashes

Lower eyelashes are actually more common. Many people are often troubled by these situations and do not know how to improve. You can usually pay more attention to some effective improvements, including hair removal, freezing, electrolysis, and so on. Of course, you can also use some simple diet control methods to make your eyelashes easier to return to their ideal state.


Removing eyelashes is a simple and inexpensive method. If for some reason it is not possible to perform a trichiasis surgery, this is an effective treatment. Electrolyzed hair follicles are a relatively simple method that requires proper equipment. A two-year follow-up report showed that the success rate of mild trichiasis was about 25%. The freezing of the eyelashes is the same as the electrolysis of the hair follicles. It also requires proper equipment and the use of refrigeration technology to cause fading of the eyelid skin. Its success rate is similar to that of electrolyzed hair follicles.


Trichiasis surgery to correct trichiasis is the "last chance" to prevent trachoma blindness, and it is also the most urgent action. There are many different surgical methods to correct the trichiasis, but there is a surgery called double tibia rotation, which is easy to operate and has a high success rate.

How to make the eyelashes longer?

1. Apply aloe vera juice, aloe vera on the eyelashes, aloe vera juice, apply a little on the cotton swab, apply aloe vera juice to the base of the eyelashes with a cotton swab. Overnight, basically, one month will be effective. After the eyelashes are not applied for a long time.

2. Apply vitamin E. Vitamin E can also be used to acupuncture vitamins, prepare cotton swabs, apply the liquid on cotton swabs, apply directly to the roots of eyelashes, apply once every other night, the effect is very good, do not apply long eyelashes.