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Are the Real Mink Fur Lashes Crulty Free

We have been asked by our clients about the real mink fur eyelashes that are the lashes 100% cruelty free? The answer is yes.

Our materials for real mink fur lashes are from the farm which is specially keep minks. They are kept free-range which allow them travel for miles every day. With the high quality feed and fabulous life make the minks have the best quality mink fur. Therefore no added chemical and dyes are needed for our luxurious mink fur lashes. They are safe enough for the eyes. We will only use the mink fur which is from brushing and collecting the hairs from the minks because we are also against to harm animal as well as animal test. We will only support cruelty-free products and this is the top principle of our company.

Real Mink Fur Lashes Crulty Free