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Eyelashes wholesale reminds you to remove the eyelashes after grafting

Eyelashes are not good or bad, and are increasingly valued by the girls. False eyelashes are uncomfortable and easy to fall every day. Mascara is also smudged. Eyelash grafting is a very common eyelash

 eyelashes wholesale

The way can be made not long and not dense. Eyelashes get better, but girls will understand the issues before accepting eyelashes. wearing false eyelashes every day is not comfortable and easy to fall off. Mascara also has problems with dizziness staining. eyelashes wholesale eyelashes have become a fast and natural beautification of eyelashes method. However, after the eyelash transplantation, it naturally falls off and is extremely harmful. This article describes the knowledge of eyelash transplantation.

 eyelashes wholesale

After grafting the eyelashes, it will naturally fall off. If you want to forcefully remove it, you can only temporarily use a special potion.

What are the hazards of grafting eyelashes when eyelashes wholesale?

Hazard 1: The eyelashes used for transplantation are said to be mostly imported from Japan and South Korea, but in fact they are generally found by businessmen themselves. Some eyelashes are made from animal hair

It is processed and not thoroughly disinfected, which can easily affect the health of the eyes, causing redness and swelling of the eyes.

Hazard 2: The glue used in grafting eyelashes also has many hidden dangers. In order to make money and reduce costs, many black-hearted companies even use 502 and other strong glue, which Indicates that it is a very harmful eye.

Hazard 3: Since the false eyelashes are attached to the real eyelashes from the roots, it is troublesome to wash or sleep. Especially for women with very sensitive eye skin, when it When we touch the eyes slightly, we feel very painful and want to feel the tears. For the MM you want to make up, don't even consider it. Eye makeup, special

It is the eyeliner and it is very painful to draw. Unloading is more painful. The grease sticks to the gap in the root of the eyelashes. After a hard wash, the entire eye became a rabbit's eye.