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How to graft eyelash extensions

I believe that many girls are more beautiful. Of course, beauty is the nature of people. At present, many girls want to make themselves more refined. Now they can achieve their goals better. many girls choose makeup to decorate their makeup, so many girls are not enough to understand. How can they better choose cosmetics that suit them? Cosmetics are available in many different types. The market for cosmetics is very large. It is almost possible to see the presence of cosmetics in any place, so many girls choose cosmetics that are suitable for them and then use them. In this case, the effect will be even more Ok, but if you choose something that doesn't suit your own cosmetics, then it will hurt your skin when you use it. So you still need to choose a cosmetic that suits you. There are many kinds of cosmetics, so it is necessary to choose when choosing Sets. I believe that everyone knows the makeup of the eyes. The makeup of the eyes is very important for the whole makeup. there are people who will think of false eyelashes. False eyelashes are used by many people. It is also very common. There are also a lot of beautiful eyelashes. Everyone still has a lot of questions. Some people don't know if they can graft eyelash extensions.

eyelash extensions

We also often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and we can say that our eyelashes are the curtains of this window. There is a gentle and thick curtain that can add a lot to our eyes. It will also bring our eyes to life. Because people's facial features are also the shape of our eyes is not so deep, so the hair is also relatively strong. Relatively speaking, most Asians' eyelashes are still very short and relatively sparse, so we will always be envious when we see some long thick eyelashes of the United States or European people. What kind of way do we have to graft our own eyelashes?

First of all, it is very difficult for us to eyelash extensions for our eyes, but we can't do it well. we need to prepare the tools before the operation. Like we choose a small box, as well as the eyelash tweezers and eyelash glue and the eyelashes we want to implant, we need to even put it in a small box. Then we also need to remove our eye makeup, so it is necessary to pay attention to the makeup at the root of our eyelashes, do not leave any makeup, but also need to pay attention to the process of removing makeup. Some makeup remover products with oil.

eyelash extensions

After the makeup remover is finished, it is necessary to clean the grease and dust of the roots and skin of our eyelashes. In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to use the hairdryer to dry the clean water. We need to keep some of our eyes dry, and then we will smooth out some of our naturally grown eyelashes. we need to separate our upper and lower eyelashes from the eye mask, and It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that our lower eyelashes need to be completely adhered to the eye mask, which also prevents us from getting in contact with the upper eyelashes and the lower eyelashes during the blinking process. The next step is to use the little scorpion to graft our own eyelashes and false eyelashes. In the present, the length of the eyelashes should be a false eyelash that is about one-third longer than our own eyelashes. It is necessary to graft the false eyelashes and the real eyelashes one by one. one is grafted one by one, and t is possible to avoid contact and prevent adhesion to each other. After drying, it will be fine.

eyelash extensions

If you want to eyelash extensions, you still need to pay more attention. After all, it is your own operation, light and other problems are not able to achieve a better requirement, so you need to pay more attention, many girls are at a loss in the process of transplanting their eyelashes. If you want to try to graft the eyelashes better, it is better to go to the professional eyelash shop to graft the eyelashes.