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Flare Clusters, Flat Lashes or mink , which one is more suitable for grafting thick eyelashes?

A lot of customers who have the trouble about their rare eyelashes want to have a thick eyelash. Using the false eyelashes is undoubtedly the most direct way.

Common thick fake eyelashes, the main use is nothing more than eyelash extension, flare clusters and strip eyelashes. So, for these eyelashes, which is more suitable for thick eyelashes effect? Here we have a simple analysis.

Flare Clusters
Firstly, flare clusters premade fans, which is made of clusters of false eyelashes, include rooted and rootless lashes. What's more, a cluster of false eyelashes has two, three, four, five, six, then and twenty false eyelashes. one cluster of lashes can be grafted on several true eyelashes. Common are round hair, thus the length, curvature and roughness are similar with round hair. Because Flare Clusters, are relatively easy to build together, the customers can have a look of thick eyelashes. As for the person who graft the false lashes for you, can use Flare Clusters more easily. As many people saying, Flare Clusters grafting lead in chaos. It is mainly related with the division of the hair grafting techniques and quality. For the premade fans, you can use it either by professional technician or yourself, it’s very simple to learn how to apply it.

Strip Eyelashes
As for strip eyelashes, double layers eyelashes is the best choice. The curvature of double eyelashes is generally in C and above, mainly because of their two layers. Thus, the inner eyelashes have certain curvature. Besides, the application method is relatively simple, because it is two layers, so it is very natural to have the effect of thick eyelashes. The most important, you can use the double eyelashes at home within a very short time.

Strip Lashes

Eyelash Extension
Finally to introduce eyelash extension. There are a lot of kinds eyelash extensions and flat lashes is my personal favorite. The common thickness of Flat lashes is 0.15mm, Even though the lashes are thick , its softness can be comparable to normal eyelash extension of 0.07mm. You need not to care about its weight. Don't worry, it's just like if we flatten 0.07 mm round hair, its thickness is changed, but it becomes softer, more importantly, its weight is still the same, so whether in softness or weight, flat eyelash extension is the winner. As a result, it's easy to create a dense effect. While, you need to apply it by professional technication and the cost maybe a little higher than above 2 methods. But it can be last at least 2-8 weeks.