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Flat lashes, Groove lashes and Ellipse Lashes with Split Tip

Flat lashes/slim lashes is now a very popular grafting eyelash in the market. Because of its special structure, the flat wool is softer than the ordinary grafting of the same roughness, which is why it is very popular. At present, the flat wool in the market is mainly flat lashes, grooved flat lashes, and the ellipse lashes with split tip. Compared with ordinary flat hairs, groove lashes have more contact with natural lashes when grafting. So under the same conditions, you can keep it longer. Compared with the previous two, the ellipse lashes with split tip have the effect of a fuller (volume) on the structure of its flying fork.

In addition, although the roughness of the flat lashes is relatively thick, its softness can be compared with that of 0.07 mm. And you don't have to worry about it in weight, just as we have flattened 0.07mm of the round hair, its roughness has changed, but the hardness is small, the weight is still the same, so in terms of softness and weight, the flat lashes are better. Some of the eyelashes are very thick, and after grafting, they are very thick and beautiful, but they can't bear the weight of the lashes. In the long run, you pull your eyelashes down, and each eyelash needs more glue to stick to thicker false eyelashes to achieve a firm purpose. Flat lashes is a good way to avoid this, and because the roughness of the flat lashes, it's easy to create a bushy effect. Another way to say it is that 150 pieces of flat lashes can achieve the effect of 200 other hair. Isn't it amazing? Flat lashes is also very suitable for novice use, from the front, the eye eyelash is very black, from the side, it looks very thin, and it still has the effect of eyeliner, and the cross section of it is flat, in addition to better adhesion eyelashes really outside, it has twice the visual effect of the fake eyelashes, and you can go without makeup!

At present, these three flat lashes can provide J B C D L curl, 0.10 mm-0.20 mm thickness and 6 mm-18 mm length. And the flat lashes are also divided into bright silk finish and mink finish, and you can choose according to your own preferences.

Flat lashes, Groove lashes and Ellipse Lashes with Split Tip 1

Flat lashes, Groove lashes and Ellipse Lashes with Split Tip 2