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Give your beauty a comprehensive science and soft skin-friendly silk lashes

Every woman who loves beauty wants to have a pair of big eyes with water and spirit. They all think that the eyes are the windows of the soul, the eyes are fascinating, the whole person looks good, and the beautiful and charming big eyes can be beautified by false eyelashes. As a kind of beauty tool, false eyelashes have a wide variety of eyelashes. According to the work, use, materials, and styles, eyelashes can be divided into different types. According to the type of materials, they can be divided into silk lashes, fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, and animal hair. Eyelashes, etc.

silk lashes

As the name suggests, silk lashes use silk as a material. Due to its special material, it has the characteristics of comfort, no allergies, soft skin-friendly, generous style, novel style, and fashionable style. It can be used for many times. Generally, people have doubts about whether false eyelashes have damage in long-term use. In fact, wearing false eyelashes for a long time may affect their own eyelashes, block the pores of the roots of the eyelashes, cause the eyelashes to fall off, and cause eye inflammation caused by the eyes. However, this damage can be avoided by wearing it properly. So, for the first time users, how to choose false eyelashes? First-time users should not only consider the beauty of the false eyelashes but also pay attention to their comfort. So the silk lashes are preferred. It mimics the natural eyelashes, sticks to the eyes without obvious marks, and the wearer feels comfortable. In the choice of eyelash color, our Asian women are more suitable for dark brown or black, which makes the eyelashes look more natural and unobtrusive. How to maintain false eyelashes? Since the false eyelashes are slender and fragile, they should not be hard pulled. When lifting, the action should be taken. The used eyelashes should be completely cleaned of the eyelash glue so that they can be recycled. The first time users should follow the principle of not distinguishing true and false from their true eyelashes. First, put your own eyelashes in a certain arc, compare them with the length of the eyes, after trimming, brush the eyelashes, first The middle part is fixed on the eyelid, and then the head and tail are adjusted.

silk lashes

It can be seen that silk lashes are a kind of fake eyelashes, and all aspects of their quality can be used with confidence.