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How eyelashes extensions will make your eyes look ?

After transplanting your eyelashes, feel your eyes become more spiritual. Although the makeup steps have been reduced, they will feel more trouble because of the eyelash extensions if they want to last longer. I need good care.
After transplanting the eyelashes, it is no longer necessary to apply false eyelashes after makeup. Mascara and eyeliner can also be used selectively. Eye makeup is a more delicate part, so in makeup, it really reduces a lot of trouble. In addition, if you want to make up, be careful when removing makeup. If you take it out as usual, it will easily remove the transplanted eyelashes, so you can only get it with a makeup remover for a while, and gently wipe off the remaining makeup as the eye makeup melts.

eyelash extensions
Of course, when there are more troubles, grafting eyelashes is to put those very real eyelashes on the real eyelashes of our eyes, let them close together, make others look good, and stick them together with eyelash extensions. Grafting eyelashes can last for 30 to 50 days because it sticks to it, so you can't let your eyes touch the water, avoiding water when you bathe and wash your face. Once you are exposed to water, your eyes are as if they are stimulated by something. Not only cannot openbut also tears, especially uncomfortable.
eyelash extensions
After grafting your eyelashes, if you encounter any touching stories while watching TV and watching movies, you can't cry. When you wear contact lenses and beautiful lenses, you can't touch the eyelash extensions. Sometimes you accidentally get rid of two eyelashes. Sometimes you can't tell whether it's fake or true. Although there are a lot of things to be aware of, when I see my beautiful eyes, I feel that it is all worth it.