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How to maintain eyelashes after grafting?

For girls, the most important thing in facial makeup is the eye makeup part. The ability to have long and thick curling eyelashes is a dream that many women dream of. Indeed, beautiful eyelashes can double the eyes instantly. Transformed into an electric eye doll. Many women in life, especially our Asian women, most of them are thin and short and want to quickly make the eyelashes thick and long. Which way can you choose?


As women, we all know that the traditional way to make the eyelashes grow longer is to apply eyelashes and wear the entire eyelashes. But for the handicapped party, these methods are unrealistic and can't be done at all. Grafting, the grafting process is faster, and there is no pain. After grafting, you can have perfect thick eyelashes at once. There is a special nature. Many straight men can't even see that they are grafted with false eyelashes to make women more perfect. After grafting eyelashes, it can usually last for about one month. If it is properly maintained, it can last longer. How to maintain it after grafting?

After grafting the eyelashes, you should pay attention to not touching the water within 4 hours. Because the watering is glued to the eyelids when grafting, the water will affect the effect of the glue. After grafting, you don't need to use mascara again. Makeup, but you need to pay attention to when removing makeup. Use oily makeup remover and use a cotton swab to carefully remove the makeup from the eyes. Do not rub your eyes with your hands to prevent the false eyelashes from falling off faster.


By grafting this way, more women have the coveted thick eyelashes, so that more women have the right to beauty.