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Why is mink hair better than other materials?

Women accept high levels of things that make themselves more beautiful. For example, most women now know that eyelashes are grafted, and many women have tried it. This way, it has brought a lot of convenience to women who love beauty. This way you can completely throw away the mascara and the traditional full false eyelashes. Eyelash grafting has already occupied the mainstream market today. It can be said that it has entered more people's lives and has more market prospects. Now beauty salons, nail shops, etc. have abandoned traditional false eyelashes and covered with eyelash grafts. So which kind of eyelash grafting is better?

mink eyelashes

For now the current market, it is more mink eyelashes market, there are also more opportunities. The lashes of this material are softer and more meticulous, and they are especially true. After the grafting, the eyes will not cause discomfort, and the real feeling is not comfortable. Women love beauty, know how to be good to themselves, prefer to spend a little more money, grafting so that they can not see the effect of planting false eyelashes is the best choice.

And compared to other types of false eyelashes mink eyelashes, win in what way?

mink eyelashes

First of all, from the texture point of view, the mane is softer, closest to the real eyelashes of the human body, has a natural curvature, is not easy to deform, and has no weight feeling after grafting. After the grafting, the eyes will not feel a foreign body and uncomfortable, more comfortable and natural, and the time will be longer. Therefore, the current market, the choice of mink eyelashes crowd more, and therefore more sensitive to promote, market prospects and more opportunities. Whether it's wholesale or in-store eyelash grafting, this material's eyelashes are more profitable and more repeatable, showing woman's natural beauty.