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Need to pay attention to after grafting eyelashes

Because the living conditions are getting better and better, so many girls want to dress up better, girls want to have a better look, and want to dress up better. Then you have to do some maintenance on yourself. Nowadays, many girls choose makeup, because now makeup can make you better, and now almost every girl wants It's better to make make-up, so at present,there are a lot of girls who are looking for some natural ways to make up so that they can become more refined. In the current market, there are also a lot of cosmetic types, which allows us to make better choices. Because there are so many kinds of cosmetics, you should choose a cosmetic that suits you when you choose, so you can go better. Make your own beauty. Nowadays, girls all know how to make makeup. Some little knowledge about makeup is also well understood, so there are many girls who like makeup at present. I believe that the girls who make up the makeup have a certain understanding of the false eyelashes. It can be said that many girls have tried to use false eyelashes during makeup. They are also familiar with the use of false eyelashes. A good beauty technique, that is, eyelash extensions, are you familiar with some important questions about grafting eyelashes? Let me tell you about it below.

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I believe that there are more and more friends who are doing eyelashes now because there are many advantages in grafting eyelashes, but in the use of eyelash extensions, you need to have some knowledge about this aspect. But you can't just learn some knowledge about grafting. You still need to know some knowledge after grafting. This is very important. Don't think that there is nothing to do after the grafting is completed. Then you still need to understand. Regarding these issues, we still need to pay more attention.

The first thing to say is that after you have grafted your eyelashes, you should pay more attention to it. Don't use your hands and towels to rub your eyes. This is very easy to cause your own eyelashes and the eyelashes after grafting to fall off naturally. This is very large. If you are serious, it will cause your eyes to be hurt to different degrees. You need to pay more attention to this problem. After grafting, it is best not to be 8-10 hours. It is best not to touch the water. It is best not to let the eyelashes soak in hot water for a long time within two days after grafting. In some hot air, do not carry out steam. When choosing a beauty eyelash shop, you also need to choose more. There are more beauty eyelashes in the store. When choosing, you need to pay more attention. It is best to introduce some friends and then choose some excellent ones. The beauty eyelash shop, so that you can better help you to graft the eyelashes, you can be more assured.

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Regarding the life of the eyelash extensions, I believe that the used ones are known. The life span of the eyelashes is only about three to six weeks because the growth mechanism and the degree of protection of each person's skin lash are not the same, so the time of falling off the eyelashes is not used. If you are good at the later maintenance, then you can better guarantee the life of the eyelashes. Nowadays, the girls who usually graft the eyelashes are comparing these problems. Understand, about the current maintenance issues, you can better use some. If you want your own eyelashes not to be greatly damaged, it is better not to be too thick or too long to graft the eyelashes. You need to update it twice or four weeks. Post-maintenance is very important for eyelashes and can play a very good role, which is also the best way to make eyelashes longer. If there are some hidden dangers or some diseases in your eyes, then it is not recommended to carry out grafting. If there is a high sensitivity reaction in your eyes, you still need to be careful to graft.

eyelash extensions

Because the eyelashes are the same as the hair of our body, there are some reactions of metabolism. Therefore, after the grafting, the eyelashes will fall off with their own eyelashes. These sheddings are relatively normal. After grafting the eyelashes, it is best not to use mascara. You can occasionally use the eyelash comb to comb the false eyelashes, which can make the eyelashes look better, but you can draw the eyeliner after grafting the eyelashes, but it is not recommended to use some oily. Cosmetics, because there is no benefit to your eyelashes, so you need to pay more attention when using cosmetics.