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Share some tips about grafting eyelashes

Will frequent eyelashes hurt my true eyelashes? Can I still apply eye makeup after grafting my eyelashes? Can I use makeup removers? All these questions can be answered for you.

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1: How to find the right eyelashes for eyelash extensions?

First, choose the eye shape, and then choose the length and thickness. Different eyelashes can make your eye shape show some different effects. Before eyelash extensions, it is best to refer to some successful cases and pick your favorite. To communicate with the eyelash artist on the spot. If you have the habit of wearing glasses on weekdays, you also need to consider the length and curl of the eyelashes in advance, so as not to get the length of the eyelashes caught in the lens of the eye, which is very embarrassing.

2: Will eyelash extensions hurt my own real eyelashes?

A real eyelash can only go to a false eyelash, not overweight. The more important principle of eyelashes is that a real eyelash can only be connected to a false eyelash. In this way, you will not cause your real eyelashes to break due to being too heavy. You cannot stick directly to the roots of your eyelashes when grafting. You can leave a distance of about 0.5mm without irritating your hair follicles and causing sensitivity Or hinder the growth of eyelashes.

3: How long can the grafted eyelashes last?

You also need to make up your eyelashes once a month or so. Grafted eyelashes are attached to real eyelashes, so now they will fall off following the growth cycle of eyelashes (about two months). It is very normal to drop 3 to 4 hairs a day, usually only after one month. It will fall in half and you can add some new eyelashes.

4: Will the more grafts look better?

According to the number of native lashes, about 120 to 140 is better.

Some people's natural eyelashes are about 120 and 140 (both eyes) because, at present, a real eyelash can only be grafted on a false eyelash, and the relatively soft new eyelashes cannot be pasted to their own false eyelashes. If it is controlled within this range, the effect false lashes of grafting are more natural. If the number is exceeded, it will easily cause your original eyelashes to break, and you will lose more than you gain.

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5: Various materials such as mink hair and silk protein, which one should I choose?

Either way is okay. Because mink hair is animal hair, and it is very close to our own eyelashes, the effect is very natural now. At present, silk protein is an artificial fiber, the color will be darker, the effect will be obvious after finishing, and the makeup will be heavier. However, beauty eyelashes think that the effect of the material of the eyelashes on the makeup effect is actually not great. The most important thing is the technique of joining. You cannot blindly pursue the effect and do not directly contact the root of the eyelashes. Natural and lasting.

6: What should I do if the eyelashes grafted are messed up?

Just open it with an eyelash comb. Usually, after waking up after a sleep, after rolling all night, the grafted eyelashes will also become very messy. At this time, you can use the eyelash comb with toothbrushes to go straight along your eyelashes. , Let the eyelashes return to the original neatness. It is important to note that the intensity needs to be light, so as not to comb off your eyelashes.

7: How to paint eye makeup after grafting eyelashes?

The eye shadow can also be drawn as usual, and the eyeliner can be omitted now. In fact, after grafting eyelashes at present, it does not affect the makeup of the eyes, and some of the original makeup habits can be continued. But I will get very dense after grafting the eyelashes, and now it will have the effect of invisible eyeliner, so at present, the step of inner eyeliner can be omitted, so the subsequent cleaning will be relatively simple, Does not damage the lashes.

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8: Is there a difference in the curl of the eyelashes?

It is mainly divided into three types, 30 degrees and 50 degrees, and 70 degrees. 30 degrees: At present, the warp of the eyelashes, which is closer to the real eyelashes, is more natural. It can better extend the length of the eyelashes. This is also suitable for girls who want long eyelashes and do not apply makeup frequently. 50 degrees: At present, It also has a relatively obvious curvature. For the more popular curl, make your eyes brighter and more vivid. It is now more suitable for girls who want to have the effect of electric eyes; 70 degrees: among all types The most uplifting, false eyelashes have a prominent makeup feel, suitable for girls who want to exaggerate curling or stage makeup.