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Our top recommendations for making use of false eyelashes

To give look-at-me peepers that don't disappoint, a pair of falsies is certainly to perk up useless lashes immediately. After all, sometimes mascara simply doesn't reduce it. From ultra-fluttery to voluminous and full, false eyelashes are a splendor bag staple that's assured to take your make-up recreation to the subsequent level.

If you are getting ready for a prom or having a night time out with the girls, you'll be inserting your satisfactory face ahead with our pick of the satisfactory false eyelashes on the market. Below, you’ll discover false eyelashes for red-carpet glam, a barely-there seem and the entirety in-between.

We'd propose that you practice your false eyelashes before any other makeup. The solely exception to that rule is eyeliner. Applying a tom cat flick earlier than your fix your lashes will assist to hide the lash band for a greater herbal effect. You can usually re-apply eyeliner if matters get a little messy. In fact, eyeliner applied in any gaps alongside the lash line will neaten the ordinary appear and a contact of mascara will mesh your lashes and falsies together.

There's no single way to apply false eyelashes. If you ask any make-up artist for top application tips, they'll tell you it all comes down to practice – and patience, standing in the front of a mirror with your head entirely tilted back.


Carefully take the false eyelashes from the packaging and lightly area them along your lash line to see if they fit. If they're too long, use a pair of small scissors to trim them to size.

Once your completely satisfied with the fit, apply a thin layer of glue alongside the eyelash band and wait for 30 seconds till it turns into tacky. This makes it easier to stick the band to your lash line.

Hold the false eyelash at the center of the lash band and cautiously vicinity it on pinnacle of your lashes, as shut to the lash line as you can get.

Gently, however firmly, pull the falsies down until they sit flush to your lash line. We endorse that you pay precise interest to the inner corner of your eye; it is in this area that they can frequently come unstuck.