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There are 4 ways to remove false eyelashes

False eyelashes are a great way to decorate beautiful false lashes and eye contours. False eyelashes are glued to the upper eyelashes with semi-permanent glue. This adhesive usually contains a cyanoacrylate adhesive, just like a super strong adhesive, it is difficult to tear off.

Therefore, the process of tearing off the eyelashes should be soft, or if you are not careful, your real eyelashes may be torn off. However, you can use the false eyelash remover, makeup remover or other oil to carefully remove the false eyelashes and go

Except for residue.

false lashes

Buy a fake mascara remover. Most false lashes are glued, but usually, there is no glue remover. However, you can find a variety of false eyelash gel removers in the beauty department of the local supermarket. Choose the brand that fits your skin,

If possible, choose a false eyelash gel cleaner made with the same company as False Eyelashes. Make sure you are not allergic to any element. Clear eye makeup. Before using fake mascara to remove, it is best to remove your eye makeup because of your eyelids

Makeup makes it harder to remove false eyelashes. Use a make-up remover or baby lotion to gently remove eye makeup. Pour some makeup remover on the cotton and wipe your eyes until most of the eye makeup is removed.

false lashes

If you use smoked cosmetics, don't try to remove it at this time. It's easy to tear the false lashes and make your eyelids feel uncomfortable. Don't wash your face and eye makeup with soap because it will damage your real eyelashes and fake

eyelash. Pour some false eyelash gel cleaner on the cotton swab. Put a mirror in front of you and take out the fake eyelash cleaner and a cotton swab. Pour a small amount of detergent onto the cotton swab to completely wet the cotton pad. The detergent smells a bit like acetone

But this is normal.