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Will it be dangerous to graft eyelashes?

Eyelashes are the signs of people's eyes. They are short, curved hairs that grow on the front lip of the eyelids. Generally, the upper eyelashes are longer and longer than the lower eyelashes and are bent upwards. Eyelashes protect the human eye and also beautify. Whether the human eye is good-looking or not, the focus is on the eyelashes. If you want to be good-looking, you can find ways to bend the eyelashes. eyelash extensions is a viable way.

eyelash extensions

Women's pursuit of beauty is superior to that of men. In order to be more beautiful, it is also good to choose to graft the eyelashes. After the grafting, the eyelashes can grow naturally and the eyes are well decorated. Grafted eyelashes can be designed according to people's needs. As long as the technique is good, the grafted eyelashes will last longer. The short and sparse eyelashes are not good enough to beautify the eyes, and it is better to modify them in other ways. Grafting eyelashes meet the needs of the majority of today's beauty lovers, and can also create a good stage effect for stage art workers. The benefits of eyelash grafting are known, is there any harm in this way? Will there be any danger?

eyelash extensions
Everything has both good and bad, not just looking at one side. In fact, the grafted eyelashes will be dangerous, and the eyelashes may fall off when grafting. Grafting at the root of the eyelashes, increasing the weight of the eyelashes, blinking or washing the face, etc., can cause the eyelashes to fall off. When the technique is not mature enough, the quality of the grafted eyelashes is not good, and the growth of the eyelashes is also affected. Also, because the grafting operation accidentally puts the glue that sticks the eyelashes into the eyes, the eyes are uncomfortable. There is a risk of eyelash extensions, which requires more attention when people actually graft, to avoid accidents.