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How people effectively maintain false eyelashes

Many people want their eyes to look shiny, and eyelashes play an important role. It determines whether our eyes look really big and sacred, but some people's eyelashes are sparse. You can borrow false eyelashes. Although the false eyelashes are slim and beautiful, they are also very fragile, so people should take care of fake eyelashes when they are not in use.

false eyelashes

When people take false eyelashes from the box, don't force them to pinch or pull hard. Follow the direction of the eyelashes and gently remove them. Then take them from the eyelids, hold the middle of the eyelashes, and then Pulldown, the action should be clean, don't pull two or three eyelashes down, this will damage the false eyelashes, people must pay attention to how to maintain and clean the false eyelashes we used, so that you can better Use again

The false eyelashes used by people should thoroughly clean the adhesive on the top and then put the false eyelashes neatly into the box. Be careful not to stick eye shadow powder, mascara, etc. on the false eyelashes, otherwise, it will stain and damage the false eyelashes. When people want to clean the false eyelashes, be sure to wipe off the cleansing oil with a paper towel so that it will not affect the next use. Otherwise, it will not only affect the next use but also destroy the false eyelashes. The result is that you cannot use it again later.

false eyelashes

False eyelashes can make people's eyes more attractive, but also make people's eyes more attractive. This is also the value of false eyelashes. The existence of false eyelashes can make people's charm fully displayed so that many people's self-confidence has a certain room for improvement, which is also the meaning and value of false eyelashes.