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Beginners Learn Lashes Extension, How to Reduce Failure?

Lashes extension develops to today, it has advantageous side, and also it has unfavorable side. The advantage is that people can master the technology quickly under the guidance of the teacher. The disadvantage is to operate without the guidance of a teacher! This result in the eyelash that comes out to be sloppy, and it damages customer experience, also loses the economic value and gives up easily!

Many people report that the longer a graft is done, the harder it feels. This is because everyone has different eyelashes, and they have completely different forms and shapes. Therefore, if we do not carry out careful and unremitting research, we will simply perform mechanical operation, which will always be difficult!

First, the quick introduction is to practice the exquisite feeling!

If you want to feel good, you must adapt to the lack of feeling, and practice without feeling. It's like shooting a shot. If you don't feel it, you need to keep practicing your shot and get used to how to get the ball in without a touch.

Secondly, for beginners, the accurate and systematic learning is very important. This is because many people retain some habits of the past while they are studying, which can lead to bad hands. So in the beginning, delicate training seems very important.

Second, the quick introduction is to have the altruistic heart, and use the spirit of the craftsman to really think for the customers!

A lot of the ciliators are unconsciously doing the same thing when they're doing it, and that's not right, in the process of operation, we are not simply operating, but to specify a set of operation plan that conforms to customer's cycle and eyelash form.

We need to constantly cultivate our ability to think, to accurately grasp the customer's eyelash form, to correct the eye contour for the customer, this is called the craftsman spirit.

Third, are you a technical person? Or artistic talent?

Eyelash designers are not just a professional technical person, because not only to open the heart of the customer, but also to bring the effect and beauty of cosmetic surgery in a non-plastic surgery, so you only have to settle yourself, let yourself grow into a technical person and still be the same artistic talent.