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How to make eyelashes grow more naturally

At present, there are many girls who want to make themselves more beautiful. Of course, there are many ways. Everyone prefers to use cosmetics so that they can make themselves more refined. I believe there are many Girls who want to make themselves more attractive. At present, there are a lot of cosmetics on the market. It is better to choose cosmetics that suit you so that you can better do your own makeup. At present, you can choose some cosmetics that are suitable for you, so that you can better show the effect of your makeup. If you choose cosmetics in the market, you need to pay more attention. Although there are many types of cosmetics on the market, the market The quality of some of the cosmetics on it is not very good. If you don’t choose cosmetics that are suitable for you, it will also hurt your own makeup. So when you choose cosmetics, do you need to pay more attention to it? If you can't choose cosmetics better, you can also choose according to the opinions of others. In this case, you can better choose one that suits you. At present, eye makeup is very important. There are many ways to make your eyelashes longer. Of course, many girls choose to use false eyelashes to decorate their eyelashes. In this way, they can be better. Make a decoration for your eyelashes. Another eyelash technique is grafting eyelashes, which is also a technique for more girls to choose, but in fact, you can rely on other methods to make your eyelashes longer, so you know how to make your Eyelash Longer.


In fact, there are many ways, and you can choose a method that suits you to make your eyelashes longer. The first way is to apply aloe vera juice. It‘s better to understand, and in addition to its good cosmetic effect, it can actually make the eyelashes longer and denser. Just applying aloe vera juice to the eyelashes can promote its growth, but this method has a fatal disadvantage that it can easily cause puffiness in the eye bags. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not go out or use it under some conditional conditions. The operation method is very simple. You just need to use cotton swabs to dip some aloe juice, and then use cotton swabs to apply aloe juice to the roots of your eyelashes. You can apply it every other day. Probably you can see the obvious effect in one month.


The second method is tea: because it has rich tea polyphenols in the tea, you can grow your hair more effectively, but this method requires long-term persistence before you can see some obvious effect. Only long-term adherence can make eyelashes long and dense. The operation method is relatively simple, just wait until the tea is cold, then use a cotton swab to apply the tea to the eyelashes, and stick for about three months to see the obvious results. It is recommended that when you use tea to increase eyelashes, try to choose some better teas. Because the level of tea polyphenols mainly depends on the quality of tea.

The third way is to use vitamin E. Vitamin E is also very common in life. The first is to pierce the vitamin E capsule, then squeeze its liquid onto a mascara brush, and then directly use the mascara brush to apply upwards from the middle and lower part of the lashes. The head allows the liquid to flow naturally into the roots of the eyelashes. It is best not to apply directly from the root of the eyelashes, otherwise, it will easily flow into the eyes, and it can be applied on both sides. If you want to achieve a better effect, it is recommended that you apply it at the time of 9 to 10 pm. This will help the eyelashes quickly absorb vitamin E nutrients and increase its growth. As long as you apply it daily, you can see obvious results for about a month or so. It should be reminded that when using vitamin E to grow eyelashes, you must not let its liquid flow to the roots of the eyelashes or around the eyes, otherwise, fat particles may easily appear around the eyes.


The fourth method is eyelash growth liquid: because the eyelash growth liquid mainly contains a biological enzyme "EPM" which can help the body to make hair cells and also to form tissues, and it can also promote eyelashes more effectively increase. Therefore, applying eyelash growth liquid to the root of the eyelashes 30 minutes before going to bed every night. it can make the eyelashes long and dense. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to that if you use too much, you should immediately wash with water, otherwise, it will affect the health of the eyes.