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How to make short eyelashes become slim and curled

The human eye is the window of the mind and can speak. Communicating with people usually looks at each other's eyes, and modern aesthetics are also looking at the eyes. As long as the eyes look good, the facial image of the person will not be bad. To carry out the overall image transformation, starting from the eye, the eyelashes become thick and curled, making the eyes beautiful. Is there any way to make short eyelashes long and curled?

Female makeup will paste false eyelashes, which is watered with artificial false eyelashes and applied to the roots of true eyelashes. This increases the length of the eyelashes and makes them more curled. Whether it is daily makeup or work or stage makeup, false eyelashes are used for good eye effects. This is the dream of helping people with short eyelashes to achieve long and curling eyelashes. Sticking false eyelashes is not complicated. As long as you master the method and technique of sticking, you can guarantee the speed and paste effect. Choose false eyelashes to pay attention to the appropriate eyelash material and length according to your eye shape and makeup requirements, design the appropriate eyelash shape, can not follow the flow.
In addition to the false eyelashes, you can also consider the beauty project of grafting eyelashes. Apply false eyelashes to mascara and remove mascara. This is very frequent. If the mascara is not waterproof, it may be makeup, making people feel embarrassed. It is not necessary to choose grafting eyelashes. The grafting eyelashes can last for more than one month. As long as careful maintenance is carried out, the eyelash retention period is extended. Grafting eyelashes have an immediate effect. Looking for a professional eyelash artist to do it, you can design an effective eyelash modification scheme according to your eye shape and your own eye lashing strength, and finally, achieve eyelash growth and warp lifting effect.