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What are the materials for eyelashes?

With the rise of the beauty industry, more and more girls will go to eyebrow tattooing, planting false eyelashes, especially the operation of false eyelashes, which needs to be more elaborate. So, when we choose to grow false eyelashes, what kind of eyelashes can we choose? The texture of different materials is different, and the overall effect is very different.

The more common one is the synthetic material, which is what many girls choose to plant. It is very economical. In terms of price, this material has the lowest false eyelashes compared to other materials. In terms of style, it is not very rare, and there are many choices. However, this material eyelash is harder and thicker and looks a bit fake.


Silk eyelashes are moderately priced, and the price of medium grades is more popular among girls. Moreover, this material's false eyelashes are light in weight and do not overwhelm our own eyelashes. At the same time, it also has a certain shape and curls, and the effect after grafting is also good.

The watery hair material is also one of the false eyelashes when planting eyelashes. This material is closer to our hair, softer and has a certain luster. However, the false eyelashes of this material are not waterproof, and the water curl will be affected. This type of eyelashes can't choose the thickness, so it looks more exaggerated.


Finally, the false eyelashes of natural hair are very beautiful, it looks natural, similar to our naturally growing eyelashes. However, this type of eyelashes requires the daily care of girls, which is still more troublesome. Moreover, the eyelashes of this material are more complicated in the market, and there will be many fakes, which must be discerned when selecting.